Beginning of the story

Beginning of the story

The story began when I was informed of joyful news that changed my whole life for the better, of course. I filled the news with tears of joy and happiness that afflicted me and my husband, who burst into tears of joy. After two years of happy marriage, the time was right for this happiness to be translated into a beautiful little birth. Yes, the news was my pregnancy with my first child.


Since the first day, I have visited over one clinic. Some doctors frighten me that the child does not appear on the ultrasound, and some give me terrifying assessments, but I was calm about this matter. My confidence that my beautiful child will be fine exceeds all estimates.



My husband brought me what I need from what I like. I loved eating oranges very much and enjoyed eating it three to four times a day. Our references continued in the clinic , and the observation of my beautiful baby while he was in my womb, growing and increasing in the first months, until came to know his gender.



Is it a boy or a girl??



The expected day.. We went to determine the gender of the child. On the way, my husband and I guessed, so I told him I expected it to be a boy, while my husband was expecting it to be a girl, and certainly if it was a boy or a girl, our joy at our first child would not be different, the product of years of love and happiness.


We arrived at the clinic, and periodic check-ups started for weight and height, and from these check-ups that I do every visit, when I sat with the doctor, she told me what you expect, a boy or a girl, and I asked my husband like a question, so we answered her with our expectations and we were waiting for who of us would be right.


The imaging (ultrasound) began. The doctor told us who said a boy and who said a girl, so we showed to each other what we expected. The doctor said it’s a boy. As for the reaction! Of course, we burst into tears, and the matter turned more emotional.



From here, Adam's story began And What is best for him, what he needs, what products are suitable for him, buy this product or this product, so we chose what suits his needs with love and care, because our child needs the best goods .


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